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What Are the Best Backyard Fruit Trees?

If you want to buy the best backyard fruit trees, you can contact a specialist to discuss your needs. It can be overwhelming to think of what kind of fruit trees to grow if you don’t have any experience, but you can go to a specialist such as Chris Bowers & Sons  to learn about fruit trees in the UK. You will want to find fruit trees for sale that are low maintenance and self-fertile so that you don’t have to worry about pollination partners. Once you do, you can look forward to harvesting delicious, fresh fruits in the summer.

Apricot Trees

Apricot trees are self-fertile, and they are members of the prunus family. It is best to prune them in the late summer, and they can produce a lot of fruit. The apricot trees will have names that end in -cot, and they make large orange fruit with skins that are tinted in pink. They are easy to grow.

Apple Trees

Another great low maintenance fruit tree is the apple tree. When you are looking for fruit trees in the UK, you can choose from a variety of types of apple trees, including apple fruit tree supercolumns. You can choose dwarf apple trees, which range from four to eight feet tall, or you can choose full size apple trees that grow to between 20 and 30 feet. They will harvest at different times of the year, depending on what kind you get. They require only six hours of sun and soil that drains well.

Plum Trees

Another self-fertile tree is the plum tree, and they are great to grow in your backyard. They also come as fruit tree supercolumns. You can choose between cooking and dessert quality plums, which are ready to be picked from late summer to early fall. There are many different types of plum trees to choose from, depending on your garden and your needs.

Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are also easy to grow as long as you have some space. You can choose Mulberry trees that are about five feet tall, and you may be able to harvest fruit the following summer. Mulberry trees are a great choice among fruit trees for sale, and they need just a little bit of pruning, and you can pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe and eat it right away. They need some space so they can spread out, but they are easy to grow once you get them home. Mulberry trees are historic, and they make a great addition to your garden.

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