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How to terminate helper contract

Some domestic helpers are usually God-sent because of how much easier they make our lives both at work and at home. Coming back home and finding your house neatly cleaned and the food ready is something most people could get used to. With a helper, you can find more time for more important issues in your life such as sleeping, working out, and spending time with your life. All that is good, but unfortunately, things don’t always go that well. Sometimes the helper you get turns out to be disrespectful, lazy, and simply uncontrollable. When that happens, you don’t have an option, but to terminate their contract and send them on their way. If you ever have to do that, this article will help you to make your work easier. It resents steps that you should follow when terminating your domestic helper.

Talk to your domestic helper first

Terminating your helper is not an easy decision and should never be taken lightly. You should take it with the seriousness it deserves so that you don’t turn out to be the bad, cruel guy. You should start by making the helper understand how you are not happy with their work and the various difficulties you face because of them. Your unhappiness should be registered clearly in their minds. Point out the incidences that you weren’t happy with their performance so that they can also understand why you have to let them go. This is important to you and to them because they can understand why they are being let go so that they can make adjustments in their next contract.

If the contract is about to run out and there isn’t a pressing issue that makes their immediate dismissal necessary, then you can hold off till their tenure runs out.

Settle all monetary details

It is always important to part with your helpers on a good note. Part of doing that involves settling all pending financial details between the two of you. You should detail everything on paper, including the reasons for the termination. You can get a third-party to act as a witness if necessary. All payments should be documented clearly just in case disputes arise in future. If the helper has not taken their annual leave, then it may not be necessary to pay them for that unless you feel like you want to. You should also pay them severance payment to help set them up for the next phase of their life. It is always important that you clear 外傭, including flight ticket back to the country of origin of the helper

Help them with another job

It doesn’t hurt to be a good human being, so go ahead and help your helper find another contract if you are terminating the contract because you are relocating or because of any other reasons that result from you and not them. However, you shouldn’t get a thieving helper sign another contract with another family because where would your humanity be? Don’t let another family suffer if you can prevent it.

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