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Omaxe Dwarka Delhi- Retails Shops & Sports Arena

Situated in the desirable area of Sector 19, Dwarka, Delhi. Omaxe Dwarka Delhi is a brand-new pre-launch commercial space by Omaxe Group. It consists of tastefully built retail stores, a stadium, and hybrid retail spaces. There are 50.4 acres of land in all. In addition, five acres will be used for future underpass development. A luxurious commercial project that will change urban living. The prestigious real estate development division of the well-known Omaxe Group has set off on a transformative adventure. The complete achievement highlights omaxe Properties dedication to providing unmatched living environments with an incredible revenue potential that exceeds

Introducing a New Model of Luxury Living in the Raj Nagar Extension

As per the agreement, Omaxe was to construct an outdoor stadium that could accommodate a minimum of 30,000 spectators. It will serve as a venue for international football and cricket matches. Therefore, the indoor arenas will have seating for two thousand spectators. There will be tennis, badminton, squash, and table tennis courts at the sports complex in addition to a swimming pool big enough for Olympic events. As part of its infrastructure, the plan aims for a sports club with at least 3,000 paying members. Omaxe intends to construct a business area with approximately 3.5 million square feet dedicated to retail space.

  1. Highly desirable location:

In the middle of Dwarka, a well-known Delhi suburb, the Omaxe Estates is a very handy place to live. Furthermore, this superb region makes it smooth to get to many parts of Delhi and the stunning National Capital Region (NCR). The fact that it is close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport makes flying easy. The area was perfectly linked to a great system of 19 roads, making it easy to get to shopping havens, prestigious schools, and top-notch medical facilities. Because of this, it is an unbeatable haven for both locals and smart investors.

  1. Well-known builder:

The best offices and stores at Omaxe Dwarka Delhi. The well-known real estate company Omaxe Group has started a major industrial project in Delhi. Therefore, the Omaxe Group has a history of building beautiful homes and businesses all over India. By using cutting-edge amenities and high-quality building materials, the real estate developer has a past of planning and completing on-time, aesthetically pleasing projects.

  1. Modern Amenities:

A famous business building with modern features like Wi-Fi, high-speed elevators, nice-looking interiors, lots of plants. More so, power and water available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Omaxe Dwarka Delhi trained security guard force and a cutting edge security system with CCTV cameras and live security staff. Therefore, it makes sure that everyone in the gated community is safe. Type the visitor’s information into the register at the front gate. This includes the information of workers and owners.

  1. Modern buildings:

Omaxe Dwarka Delhi is a great example of how modern designs and modern buildings can work together. Furthermore, there’s creating an attitude that feels very professional. There are fantastic and supportive surroundings inside the structure, which makes it less complicated for corporations to run smoothly. Therefore, the project design includes large, well-ventilated offices with beautiful interiors that are decorated with branded fixtures and fittings at Omaxe Dwarka Delhi.

  1. Investing:

Buying things at Dwarka’s Omaxe Mall’s Sector 19 There are many good reasons why the planned commercial project in Delhi is a good idea. For starters, this is a great place to stay because of the location. It is in one of Delhi’s busiest business areas, so it has a lot of customers and a lively, active vibe. The well-thought-out design of the premium retails and offices at The Omaxe Estates. Therefore, combines modern elements with New Delhi’s rich past, makes sure that visitors will find a warm and inviting space.

  1. Safety:

Security at Omaxe Dwarka Delhi isn’t just a feature; it’s a promise. Businesses can run safely and efficiently in places with well-trained staff, state-of-the-art security systems, and people who watch over the area. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe thanks to a strong security system. This will let you focus on what’s important: your business.

About Omaxe Group

Omaxe Group is among the most prosperous real estate development firms in India. The business is well known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and client happiness. Omaxe has a distinguished history spanning over thirty years, solidifying its position as a trustworthy brand in the industry. In addition, the business has successfully finished prestigious infrastructure, commercial, and residential projects in several Indian cities. When Mr. Rohtas Goel started Omaxe in 1987, he continuously revolutionized the real estate sector by placing a premium on prompt delivery. Townships with residential areas, integrated townships, business buildings, retail centers, and lodging facilities. Thus, the organization is in charge of many different things, including infrastructure projects.

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