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Five Reasons People Move To Florida After Moving From New York

 1. To Purchase an Affordable Home

Why is the Northeast attracting people to other places than Florida? Florida is one the top states in which more than 900 new residents are arriving every day. Florida’s real estate market is a great choice for people who want to start families, retire or settle down.

The Northeast has one of the most expensive real estate markets, aside from California, Hawaii, Alaska. You should look elsewhere if you are looking to save money.

2. High Living Costs

Even if you had the money to purchase a Northeast home, it would be difficult to keep up with your other living expenses. People struggle to survive financially due to taxes, food, utilities and healthcare.

Moving to Florida from New York City could help you save over $1200 per month on your living expenses. These savings can be even greater when you consider the cost of renting or mortgage. New York City is the most expensive in the Northeast, but the region has a higher standard of living than other states.

3. Inclement Weather Conditions

Some of the most severe winters in the United States are found in the Northeast.

Florida is well-known for its winters envied

Even if winter is not something you enjoy, snowstorms can be devastating. In severe cases, they can knock out power for days and even weeks. Poor visibility and slippery roads can make driving dangerous.

4. To improve physical and mental health

The Northeast has long winters that can lead to mental and physical health problems for many people. Long winters can cause people to eat less and move less. People who don’t get enough sunlight are more likely to develop seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression that is caused by weather changes.

You can do wonders for your health by moving to a state with a warmer climate and many outdoor activities.

5. Better Job Opportunities

This high cost of living is not just for homeowners. Many business owners and businesses are moving to cheaper states in order to reduce their expenses. Weather conditions that are more favorable can increase productivity and generate higher revenue.

You might consider other regions, if you are looking for the best opportunities to work in the country.

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