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Space Saving Ideas For Condos

Condo living is appealing because of the many perks it offers. The primary benefit to those who purchase condos for rent is that the majority of exterior maintenance and landscaping are handled by a homeowners’ organization or property management company. The management also tends to the many amenities like pools, trails and sporting courts, as well as other common-use areas such as fitness rooms and exercise rooms.

These are all aspects that homeowners would have to manage while still living in a single-family home. Condos are less expensive than traditional single-family homes, and require less maintenance. However, there are many design tips that can make condos feel bigger. Continue reading to discover four space-saving design tricks that will make your condo feel larger.

You can use mirrors and color to your advantage

A condo’s use of mirrors and strategic colors can make the space feel larger and more spacious without compromising its cozy feel. Use lighter colors on the main walls and use different hues for smaller walls. Trim that is a little more vibrant may also be used.

A large mirror can instantly resolve cramped quarters in condos.

Experts recommend that mirrors be hung over a headboard or mantle and placed on walls at eye level, from the floor to their center. For large pieces of art that connect rooms, this rule is recommended. Mirrors and art are great for expanding the space feeling.

To find more space, think vertically

Taller and narrower storage pieces and furnishings take up less space. Wall decorations that hang vertically can make a room seem taller. You can achieve the best results by putting shelving on the floor and keeping less-used items on higher shelves.

A reason to rent a condo is to have the flexibility to make changes to the ceiling and walls. Hooks on the ceiling can be used to hang pots and other items. This gives the rooms a bigger feel. Pegboards can be used on the walls of the home or garage by owners. You can paint these to add color to the condo’s decor.

If you want to save floor space, you can make your own dining tables or desks by using small tables and chairs that are foldable and can be hung from the walls. A Murphy bed folds down and opens up the room. Many models come with features like shelves and fold-down desks, which allow the room to be transformed into an office.

It is easy to accumulate clutter in any room. However, vertical cabinets and built-in shelves can immediately free up space. To keep your room organized and provide extra space for your vehicles, think vertically.

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