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What Type of Artificial Turf Is Best For You?

Artificial turfs are alternatives to the well-known natural grass you grow in your yard. We now have artificial grasses that look so real, you cannot differentiate them from their natural counterparts easily. Apart from looking like natural grass, they are also durable and, importantly, you don’t have to mow or water them like natural grass.

Because there are so many options for your Houston turf installation– you may get confused. In this article, we’ll examine the types of artificial grasses under two main categories- then, you can choose the right kind.


Based on color, artificial grasses can come in any hue or shade, depending on your use.

  • Green: like natural grass, most artificial grasses are colored green. You might probably think it looks unnatural, but quality artificial grasses have variations in the shade of green. The turf looks just like the natural grass – but it comes without the maintenance hassles of its natural counterpart, though!
  • Shiny colors: Perhaps you’d like to install an artificial turf, but don’t want the green-colored grass for any reason. Artificial grasses are available in other bright colors too, like red, yellow, orange, and all others, depending on the color of the environment they’re meant to support.


Based on the material, there are different types of artificial turf too. The material of your turf determines its texture.

●      Nylon

Artificial grasses made of nylon are strong, durable, and resistant. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, like high temperatures and weight, without losing shape. This makes it one of the most demanded artificial grasses in the market. It lasts long in any environment. Nylon artificial grasses are typically used to improve the stability of artificial grasses made of other materials. However, artificial grass made of nylon might not be the best option for athletics or sports applications. It would be best to consider artificial grasses made of other suitable materials.

●      Polyethylene

Artificial grasses made of polyethylene are the choice of most people who use artificial grass. Compared to grass made of nylon, it is softer, feels more natural, and looks better than those made of other materials. If you like to use artificial grass as turf or change from lawn to artificial grass, this will best fit your needs. It is also non-porous, meaning it doesn’t retain smell, making it a good fit if you have pets. When coupled with nylon, artificial grass made of polyethylene creates a more durable grass that lasts longer, without any sign of aging. It is also easy to clean, as you’ll only need to brush it occasionally.


Ultimately, your choice of artificial turf depends on your preferences. The regular green is perfect for you if you like a simple turf. However, you can choose other color options if you want a turf that catches the eye.

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