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Review of Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

A magnetic screen door makes it convenient and easy to open up the house. Think of them as complete curtains with magnets linking their two sides closed. An amazing advantage of a magnetic screen door is it allows pets to go outside the house on their own. Also, the magnetic screen doors turn away mosquitoes, turn away flies, and any nagging bugs.

Magnetic screen doors are created like curtains that fit around your door frame. For hands-free closing and opening with a magnetic strip in the middle. There are even choices to use on French and sliding doors.

What to know 

The first thing to consider is finding the right size magnetic screen door. Some are adjustable or trimmable and others or not. It needs to take perfect measurements for the right fit. Magnetic screen doors consist of fiberglass mesh versus polyester mesh. Tend to be of greater quality with a bigger price tag usually attached. Most are installed with Velcro or adhesive tape. And a mix of loops, thumbtacks, and hooks. Magnets are used to maintain the panels closed, and some choices come with hasps. At the middle and bottom seam to avoid them from blowing open in high wind. These screens are very easy and convenient for doorways. That gets so many from pets and people coming in and out since they are automatically close. They can also keep out dirt, dust, and insects. Your family can still enjoy the cool and fresh air without getting bitten, stung, or dirty. You can find these doors consisting of polyester, plastic, and fiberglass. Of all the three, fiberglass mesh is the strongest, yet may be costly.

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is a great solution for you. When you like easy access in and out for your places or home. Yet you want to keep the flies and bugs out. The Flux Phenom is a heavy-duty mesh screen door that will allow fresh air in. Yet, keep the insects out. It’s amazing to use in the summer months when the weather is hotter. The screen door can be great for any sized door up to 38 x 82”. It can also be adjusted to fit in smaller-sized doors.

The center of the door has a series of magnets that let the door close. Yet, when you like to pass through, you only have to push the middle of the door. And 2 sides of the door will part like magic and permit you through. You can even pass through the door while you carry some things. Pets also will have no problem in making their way through the door as well. The door will also close up again behind them. The door is very easy to use and when you’re not using it. You can take it down, roll it up on the way, and keep it away until next year. The door consists of tough materials that will look presentable and will last too. The Flux Phenom strengthens the magnetic screen door. Keeps the bugs and flies out, it makes summer more enjoyable.

This magnetic screen door screen has more than 4,500 buyer online reviews. This sold in its thousands, it’s always a great sign. The buyer seems very satisfied as well with what they bought because they have rated this with a 90%. It sells very well and also comes with a lifetime warranty. The majority of buyers said they suit their doors well, and it is easy to install. Buyers appreciate the amount of protection that screen doors provide. While taking out the expenses and hassle in maintaining. Cleaning, and installing standard screen doors. It is also recommended to check videos as well before buying any.

If you’re looking for a stable door external of good quality, read this article first! We’ll tell you everything you need to know before making your purchase.

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