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Dealing with Refrigerant Leaks – A Common Air Conditioning Problem

Air conditioning systems do not last forever, as the unit gets older, they need to be properly maintained to ensure longevity. Professional AC companies deal with refrigerant leaks regularly, but it is not something that is supposed to happen to your air-con unit. When it happens, it can also contribute to other issues. Here is how to identify a problem and how to deal with it.

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC system is a modern unit which when professionally maintained can last for many years without any issues. Like with any device that works at high pressures, it can run into problems. Pipes can rupture after a long time because of wear and tear. Just because the aircon unit has sprung a leak does not mean it needs to be replaced. It is not a major issue and companies like Extrordinair air conditioning specialists can fix it with ease. When an air conditioning system is working hard, it sometimes leaks.

Although it can be difficult to identify a refrigerant leak without professional help, you can use these tips to pinpoint the issue.

  • Air Isn’t Cold – You have come back from a long day at work and the first thing you do is turn on the AC system. It should only take a few minutes for the system to kick in and filter cool air around your property. If after an hour or so you are only getting lukewarm air from your unit, then your air conditioning machine may be suffering from a refrigerant leak. As the refrigerant leaks, it affects the temperature of the air.
  • Strange Noise – Another sign to look out for when you are trying to identify a refrigerant leak is a strange noise coming from the unit. Refrigerant is kept at high-pressure gas in various parts of the AC unit, if you hear a bubbling and hissing noise, it is a good sign you have a leak.
  • Energy Consumption – If you notice your electricity bills starting to climb for no apparent reason, it may be caused by an inefficient unit.

It can be difficult to identify a refrigerant leak without help from a professional but there are some obvious signs to look out for when assessing your air conditioning unit. If you notice an issue and you think it could be a refrigerant leak, call an expert to take examine the air conditioning.

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