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Benefits of Buying a Tenanted Commercial Property

Most commercial real estate provides an excellent appreciation over the years in comparison to several other types of properties. Also, when you invest in a premium commercial property through fractional ownership, it can provide attractive returns with pocket-friendly and much lower investment as well.

Similarly, tenants are the lifeblood of any commercial property. You can ask a reliable investor of commercial property – what is the most important aspect of commercial property investment, and their answer will be it’s the tenant. There are several benefits of buying a tenanted Commercial Property for sale NSW, from the right platform like Commercial Ready. For their agency clients, they equip them with a complete suite of pre-listing marketing tools for bringing their property campaigns to life.

The tenant gives you security, your income, your Weight Average Lease Agreement (or Wale), and a considerable part of your property’s value as well. That is the reason if you are buying a commercial property already having a tenant, occupying the premises, more than half the job is already done for you. This way you could even save time in the future.

Here are some great benefits of purchasing a tenanted commercial property:

  • No need for a leasing campaign

If you want a well-paid profession, you can think of becoming a commercial leasing agent. Such professionals do not sell their services too cheap. Therefore, when you purchase a property and still have to find a good tenant, immediately, you would rake up a significant amount of expenses on any active leasing campaign.

If you need to plan a leasing campaign to look for a tenant, it means you must do things like advertising costs, a period of no income, costs incurred for researching the leasing market, and of course the fees of a leasing agent too.

  • Tenants can tell you gripes with property & previous landlord

The best thing about meeting your tenant, before signing on that dotted line, is that they will properly tell you all their gripes about that property. Remember, tenants, are actually the lifeblood of your commercial property. Make it a point to listen to them, even if you still have not bought the property yet. 

  • Income security

When you buy an occupied property, it means income is coming to you from day one. Whether you are a fund manager or a sole investor, this is a big benefit, when you consider the high yield a commercial real estate offers. You can even expect an annual income of about 5% to 7% (and even higher) the moment, the title deed of the property is in your company’s or your name.

It even means that there is no waiting for your investment, in order to develop its maximum potential. Remember you buy, you settle, and also earn.

If you are looking for the most reputable and trusted platform for tenanted commercial property for sale NSW, choose Commercial Ready. They have provided vendors and agents with a fresh new approach to a web-listing platform when you need to market properties.

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