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What Is the Best Long-Term Storage Solution?

There are many long-term storage solutions out there. From storing things in your home, to a shed, to renting out a storage unit nearby. The options are plentiful options to choose from, but you have to ask yourself: what is the best long-term storage solution for you? It can vary from situation to situation, and the conditions you find yourself in. So, in order to help you decide, we have decided to put together a list of long-term storage solutions. We hope you find it useful.

Use a spare room in your home

If you find yourself with a spare room in your home, consider using it to store your items. Of course, you need to be careful to pack your items properly before putting them away. The benefit of storing your things in your own home is that you can access them easily at any time. This is particularly helpful when you have to renovate something in your home. For example, when renovating your kitchen, you will want to keep your appliances nearby. Naturally, if you don’t have a spare room in your home, this sort of storage solution won’t work out. But it can still be very beneficial to clear out a room for it anyway.

If you have a spare room, storing your belongings in it is the best way to have them close by and safe in the long term.

large empty room

Rent out a storage unit

Probably the easiest form of long-term storage is renting out a storage unit nearby. There are storage units available for decent prices, and if you need to get some of your belongings out of the way then there is no better way to store them. Of course, you should be careful of what you store in your unit, and consider the thing that usually end up there. For example, delicate items which are susceptible to extreme temperatures should only be stored in a climate-controlled unit. Also, a pretty big factor is distance from your home to the storage facility. So, if it is pretty far from your home, you should only store items which you won’t be using too much. However, when using a storage unit, it is important to know how to pack your items efficiently, so you can store as much as possible in them.

Use your garage

Does your garage have extra space? Then it is probably one of the best long-term storage solutions you can find. As long as you can put the things you’re storing out of the way of your car, then a garage is a good, out of the way spot to put your things. Keeping in mind, of course, that belongings which need special care shouldn’t be stored this way. Anything else, however, you can simply put into a cardboard box and place on a simple shelf in your garage. It is also a great way to store everything you might need for a home renovation. It is important, however, to mention that you should never use plastic bags to store items. This goes both for your garage and for storage units. Plastic traps moisture easily, which can lead to your items getting damaged.

If your garage has extra space, it is a great way to store tools and materials out of the way.

tools on garage shelves

Buy a garden shed

If you have a yard, and enough room in it, garden sheds are an inexpensive way to get extra storage. You can get them already built and simply put them in your yard. If you’re struggling to find space for tools or certain materials, then a shed is probably the perfect solution for you. If you’re someone who likes gardening, then investing into a garden shed is a very good idea. In addition, you can find garden sheds in many different styles, so fitting them into the aesthetic of your yard is rather easy as well. Experts from A2B Moving and Storage, however, recommend packing things you intend to store in a garden shed with extra care. As garden sheds are generally more exposed to the elements, storing anything other than tools in them should be done with extra steps to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Install shelves and cabinets

One of the best long-term storage solutions is organizing your home efficiently. And one of the best ways to do that is to install shelves wherever you can. If you have spare room on a wall, install some wall shelves to put things on. Behind the door of your bathroom is a great place for a cabinet to hold all of your extra towels and beauty products. Alternatively, getting furniture with plenty of space to store things is also a good idea. The more you can store around your home the better. Here at Stephenson House we think that aesthetics are very important. And shelves and cabinets are very easy to fit into your home without ruining the general aesthetic.

Shelves and cabinets are both very useful and beautiful storage solutions.

shelves hanging on wall

Furniture with hidden storage

Sticking with the theme of storing things in your home, furniture with hidden storage is a great way to store items but keep them out of the way. For example, mirrors with a shelf behind them, or tables with compartments in their underside. These are a stylish way to keep things stored in your home without making a mess or remodeling a lot of your home. Also, even if your furniture doesn’t have hidden compartments, getting simply containers and placing them in the empty spaces underneath or behind your furniture is a great DIY way to create more space.

Closing thoughts

There are many ways to store things long-term, both in your home and outside of it. However, what the best solution is for you depends heavily on the items you want to store. We hope you found this list of best long-term storage solutions helpful and that you found something which works for you.

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