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What Documents Do You Need to Sell Your House?

Selling a property may be a stressful event. Hiring a competent real estate professional, cleaning up your house, and scheduling visitors are just a few things to think about. Then comes the documentation. If you desire to sell your home, you will be required to file many forms. Some of them are simple, while others are slightly more complicated. The solicitor can then advise you on what has to be passed on to the buyer. This will lessen the danger of needless delays, fees, and purchasers withdrawing when information is made available at a later date; alternatively, if you want to eliminate all obstacles, you may seek a house buying company.

Identification proof

A simple one to begin with! Realtors, legal counsel, and lending institutions are legally obligated to verify your identity to prevent financial fraud. You must give them evidence of identification, such as a citizenship document or driving license, as well as evidence of address, such as a car license, cash book, or utility bill.

Ownership documentation for land registration

The required documents demonstrate that you’re the legitimate owner of the land. Once you bought your house, the attorney should have forwarded these to you. If you are still unable to locate them, contact your mortgage lender to find out whether they have the actual titles or if they belong to your attorney.

Papers relating to leasehold

According to the kind of arrangement, you will be required to supply a lease or even a share certificate. You would require a lease unless the home is leasehold. The Share Certificate, on the other hand, is necessary for shared freehold residences.

Certificate of Energy Performance (EPC)

An energy performance certificate is a necessary document that will be required when you sell your home. However, when it comes to selling a property, this paperwork is typically overlooked.

Electrical inspections

If you’ve upgraded or changed your apartment’s cabling since January 2005, then you should obtain a “Part P Building Regulation Certificate” and prepare it for the solicitor to give to the purchaser. This demonstrates that all major renovation wiring and adjustments adhere to the requirements.

Warranties for new construction

must have proof of your Buildmark (NHBC) or any new home policy or warranty documentation for modern homes or homes under 10 years old.

A Gas Safe-qualified engineer performs gas inspections

A Gas Safe registered certificate provided by a Gas Safe-qualified engineer (formerly CORGI) demonstrates that your boiler has been inspected and is safe. When selling a house, you are not required by law to obtain a gas safety certificate. However, if you own a boiler, you will need a gas safety certificate.

Doesn’t have time for the paperwork?

There is a lengthy list of paperwork that must be completed to sell a house. However, a house-buying company need not demand an unending amount of paperwork because they employ an in-house workforce that gathers all of the information for you. Typically, all you have to do is answer a few brief questions about the home. The team would then collaborate with solicitors to execute the transaction.

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