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Understanding the Health Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath

Everyone knows that water has curative properties. When you take a dip into a heated pool, you feel great afterwards. Coupled with essential oils, water helps people feel instant relief from their daily aches and pains. Soaking in seawater also cleanses the body and makes you feel refreshed. Likewise, a trip to the spa would remove toxins from the body and help you feel energised. Hydrotherapy has been around for ages, and the evidence supporting the practice is overwhelming.

However, not all of us have access to hot springs or the sea regularly, so it’s vital that you bring the miracle of hydrotherapy right to your homes. One of the best ways to do it is by investing in one of those whirlpool baths that would approximate such environs to provide you with the same results. These facilities will be a perfect addition to any bathroom, improving the experience tremendously.

Here are some of the health benefits of using a whirlpool bath.

On-demand muscle relaxation 

When you have had a bad day, fill up the tub and let the swirling waters take the stress away. Set the water to your desired temperature, and have the water jets massage the tight joints and knotted muscles. After a few minutes of soaking up, you’ll feel much better. Couple the experience with some of your favourite wine and music, and it will be an even better self-care time.

Alleviate insomnia and sleepless nights 

Everyone’s busy these days; people have taken things to stay awake longer, and it has messed up their sleep cycles. While some would trust their doctors to provide them with supplements, others have resorted to soaking in a tub for a few minutes to achieve a good night’s sleep. The water rehydrates their skin and helps relax their tense muscles. The serenity of the experience also allows them to tune out distractions and prepare them to turn in for the night.

Lowers cortisol levels

Cortisol is the hormone that induces stress, so elevated levels wouldn’t help you out. The higher the cortisol levels, the more stressed you feel, which leads to higher blood pressure. A prolonged dip in a whirlpool bath will help you relieve the stress and regulate the hormone.

Improved cardiovascular health 

Recent studies have supported that taking a hot bath not only relieves aches and pains but also ensures that your heart rate rises and lowers your blood pressure. Soaking in a tub filled with swirling water for as little as 10 minutes per day will help you unclog your pores and also lower blood pressure. In addition, it enables you to feel refreshed, leading to better quality sleep.

Caloric burn 

If you don’t have much time for exercise, soaking in a regulated hot bath would help you reduce calories. While it doesn’t replace the benefits of exercise, it would still help a lot.


Using a whirlpool bath will relieve the day’s stress, aches, and pains. Investing in a whirlpool bath will go a long way to make you healthier in the long run.


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