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Tips for Surviving the Hot Season.

Australia is hot. Not all the time, but there are few places hotter when the hot season moves in. Heat is not just uncomfortable; it can be a severe health risk. You might not always know when you have gotten too hot and are in danger of heat exhaustion. Therefore, it is best to prepare for the heat ahead of time. Wherever you are going to be, make sure that you will have a safe area that is climate controlled. You should also dress for the heat and bring along some protection. The other most important thing is to have abundant liquid refreshments, water being the safest choice. Here are a few strategies for beating the upcoming heat.

·         Safe Place. If you have gotten too hot, it is imperative to get out of the sun and into a cool area. If you are near your home, that is the place to be, especially if you have air conditioning. You might want to call a technician from Extrordinair, Melbourne to have a preseason service on your air conditioning units. If you are on the road, bring tarps or umbrellas, and remember that your car’s AC unit could save your life. Make sure that it too has been serviced.

·         Hydrate: Hydration is your best defence against heat exhaustion. Drink plenty of fluids; it doesn’t matter if they are cold. Adding electrolytes to your water is another level of protection to make up for chemicals lost through perspiration.

·         Limit your Exposure: The most significant cause of heat exhaustion is direct solar radiation. It would be best if you tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Wear a hat, keep to the shade when you can. Use moisturiser to reduce sweating and consider the time of day. It is better to get things done in the morning and the late afternoon.

·         Watch the Forecast: It is always good to know what the weather is expected to be like. If you got clouds moving in later in the day, wait for that. If there are heat advisories, pay attention and avoid going out.

·         Understand Heat Exhaustion: Heat exhaustion is something that can become serious very fast. It is good to know the symptoms and how to treat them as well. There are many signs, including dizziness, headaches, cramps, nausea, and a weak and rapid pulse. In the case of heat exhaustion, get the person out of the sun and do what you can to bring the body temperature down, including showers, hydration, fans, and lying still.


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