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Six types of kitchens one should know about

The kitchen is an essential space in every household, and it is the epicenter of the house. The appliances in the kitchen should be handled with extreme care, and any kitchen requires proper planning. Many designers put in a great deal of effort while they are planning the layout of a kitchen. A home kitchen design should be implemented in a way that one is easily able to walk sideways with great ease.

Following are the type of home kitchen designs that will sweep you off your feet-

  1. L-shaped modular kitchen layout.This is the type of modular kitchen design which provides ample storage space, which in turn makes it immensely popular among modern homeowners. It is the type of kitchen which has counters along two perpendicular walls. It has just one corner. An L-shaped kitchen is perfect for Indian lifestyles as it allows you to simultaneously work and chat with your folks. This kitchen makes optimum use of the space and also accommodates utensils and appliances properly. This home kitchen design elevates the appearance of your home. One also has the option to incorporate the dining area depending on how much extra space is available. These types of kitchens are increasingly becoming popular as they are great for families who have frequent guests at home, and there is enough space available to interact with the guests through the kitchen itself.
  1. U-shaped modular kitchen layout.

A U-shaped kitchen is a type of kitchen that comprises three adjoining walls of cabinetry. The fourth end is open for access. You will easily be able to walk across as this layout effectively frees up the floor space. There is a workstation on all three sides; thus, it is one of the best kitchen layouts. You can use the window as the focal point for your U-shaped kitchen, as it would give the kitchen a symmetrical look. This home kitchen design has an ample amount of countertop space available.

  1. Galley kitchen layout.

A corridor or a galley kitchen layout consists of a corridor which is three to five feet. This kitchen is commonly designed for one person to cook owing to its small size. Many professional chefs incorporate this kitchen in their working space, enhancing the chef’s safety while cooking meals. This kitchen will have two workstations.

  1. Peninsula modular kitchen.

This type of kitchen has a free-standing workspace, and this workspace provides a secondary counter. This kitchen layout utilizes less floor space, providing the advantage of an island worktop.

  1. Seamless single-wall kitchen.

A one-wall kitchen is the best layout option for narrow kitchens as it organizes all the appliances in your kitchen juxtaposed along one wall. This in turn, makes everything accessible. The remaining three sides of the kitchen are open.

  1. Multifunctional island type.

A multifunctional modern kitchen design is an aesthetically pleasing element in your house and has other attributes. The most appealing part is that it has a separate preparation counter and a kitchen island. This kitchen island is the one which serves as a breakfast space. Most people are inclined towards this layout as it consists of an open shelf cabinet.

These are some types of home kitchen designs that you can incorporate into your house!

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