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How To Remove Chlorine From Your Water

 More people are becoming more concerned about Chlorine as more municipalities use Chlorine to disinfect local water supplies. The EPA states that more than 1 in 5 households use Chlorine-treated water. Chlorine can cause serious problems in your aquarium if it is not removed. This includes excessive algae growth and the death and deterioration of corals and fish.

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It is important to know that Chlorine and chlorine are different. Both chemicals can be used to disinfect tap water. However, Chlorine is more stable and lasts longer than typical chlorine. It is also more cost-effective to use and lasts longer. It is why Chlorine is being used more often in water treatment. Chlorine is a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia. You can find out if your water has Chlorine in the tap water by contacting your local municipal public works department or water treatment facility.

Aquarists have a problem because Chlorine cannot be effectively removed using standard RO/DI equipment. The presence of Chlorine can also quickly exhaust your DI cartridge. We have received many inquiries from hobbyists asking why their DI resin does not last as long as they had spec’d. It is almost always due to Chlorine in their water supply.

You can test your RO/DI water with a total Chlorine test kit to see if it contains any chlorine. Standard carbon block filters remove any trace of chlorine so if your wastewater tests positive for total Chlorine, it is most likely that your tap water contains Chlorine.

A special carbon cartridge for Chlorine removal is required, as standard carbon block cartridges cannot effectively remove Chlorine. A Chlorine Removal Cartridge is available on our website. It features a high-performance coconut shell catalytic carbon block. The solid carbon block cartridge lasts longer and is more efficient than the refillable cartridges made with granular carbon. This cartridge can also be found in our Chlorine Removing Canister Systems. This single cartridge can be used with the RO Buddie RO/DI reverse-osmosis system.

Two Chlorine-removal carbon carts are required for larger RO/DI systems. You can also use one standard carbon block cartridge and one Chlorine-removal cart. You can further prevent any trace of Chlorine from entering the membrane or DI cartridge by using two carbon block filters in series.

Most RO/DI systems cannot accept dual carbon cartridges. This means that you will likely need to modify the RO/DI system in order to install the correct Chlorine removal carbon filters. Our Single Cartridge or Two Cartridge Chlorine Removal System includes all the necessary components to add filters to an existing RO/DI. These add-on Chlorine removal systems are easy to install. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

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