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Different Machines To Help Make Your Self-Build Home Much Easier

When you are looking to build your new home yourself, it will take a lot of different skills to complete the job, and you will also need to use lots of different tools. There are some tools and machines you can use which can significantly save time on your project, so it is worth considering using these for your self-build project. It may cost money to rent or purchase the tools you need to complete your building project, but the time and effort they can save mean they are worth the investment. Below are some tools you may wish to utilise on your building project to help you finish it quickly, with much less effort.

 An Excavator

Preparing the foundations for your building is labour intensive and will take quite some time to prepare them correctly. It is essential to get the foundations correct, or it can have a significant impact on the rest of the build. Using an excavator will save you from lots of back-breaking work and significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare the foundations. They are available in various machine sizes, and there are many places throughout the UK where you can hire these machines.


Once the shell of your house is up, and you are ready to render your home and make it look fantastic, you may want to consider getting yourself a rendering machine. These handy pieces of kit can help make the task of rendering your home a much simpler task, and it will also save you a significant amount of time. They are relatively simple to use, and if you hire one, you can receive full instructions on how to use it correctly from the company where you hire the machine.

A Cement Mixer

If you are using bricks to build your home, you will also use a lot of cement, and you must mix the cement to the correct consistency. Rather than doing this repeatedly by hand, you can hire a small cement mixer to mix your cement and save yourself from a lot of hard work. You can fill the machine with the ingredients and carry on working while it mixes, saving you lots of time.

A Plastering Machine

When you are ready to do the internal walls and all the plastering of your self-build home, you may also want to consider getting a plastering machine to assist you with the job. These machines can help you mix and apply the plaster in a fraction of the time than if you use another method and make the task of plastering much easier. Plastering machines are available to hire from most reputable tool hire companies, so they are also relatively easy to get.

A Nail Gun

Using a hammer constantly can be surprisingly tiring, but there is a tool you can use to stop you from having to hammer and make the job much easier. You can consider getting a pneumatic nail gun which uses compressed air and fires a nail into the wood when the nozzle is pressed down. They save a lot of effort and time and can help you keep your build on track and ensure you do not miss construction deadlines.

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