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3 Tips For Decorating A Big, Blank Wall In Your Home

While decorating your home can be a fun and exciting task to take on, if you struggle with finding your own design aesthetic, you might feel more overwhelmed than anything. Especially if you have a large space that you’re wanting to decorate, like a big, blank wall that takes up a large portion of the room, it can be hard to know where to start or what to focus on.

To help you make this decor project a little simpler for you, here are three tips for decorating a big, blank wall in your home. 

Install Some Shelves Or Storage

If your home doesn’t have enough storage for you as it is, you might want to use the open space on your walls to install some shelves or other storage options.

Not only can installing shelves or storage on your wall help to keep your home more organized and your floors clear of more furniture items, but using some of your wall space for this purpose can also give you a smaller canvas to work with for your decor, if that’s something you’re worried about. And, if you choose to do something like built-ins, this addition can also bring a lot of value to your home if and when you choose to sell it in the future. 

Make It Functional

For those who can’t easily come up with a design idea that they’d love to incorporate onto their big, blank wall, thinking about this space more functionally might be beneficial.

If you’re more of a type A personality or feel that you need some extra help keeping yourself and your family organized, putting up a large chalkboard or whiteboard onto your blank wall could be just what you need. You could use part of this wall to showcase your family calendar, keep track of a shopping list, and write down things that each person in your home should remember. And, if you have little ones, they can use this space for some artistic expression, too. 

Choose The Right Artwork

If you are wanting to make this wall more of an art piece for your home, it’s vital that you choose the right artwork when it’s going to be taking up so much real estate on your walls. 

When going with just one art piece for the wall, make sure it takes up enough space to not feel too smart but to also not overwhelm your room. Try to play with colors and textures, as this can add some dimension and interest to your space. And if you don’t want to have one large piece of art taking up the whole wall, opt for an odd number of smaller photos or canvases, like a three-piece set, so you can have some balance to your space. 

If you have a big, blank wall in your home that you’re stumped on how to decorate, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this design challenge. 

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