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3 Interior Design Tips for a More Comfortable ADU

ADUs have become a rising trend among different homeowners because of the number of benefits and advantages that come from having one on your property. ADUs offer convenient lounging and housing spaces while providing the same amount of security and privacy a regular house might have. Many homeowners even look towards ADUs as a source of extra income by renting out their beloved units to tourists and people on holidays as a simple rental unit where they can rest and recover for the day.

If you have been looking for San Jose ADU, you might come across the unique problem of designing the interior. ADUs are incredibly small, compact, and minimalist, so creating one might present unique challenges that will be difficult for those unfamiliar with working in smaller places.

One of the most critical aspects of making an ADU feel comfortable is the interior decoration and design with the basic amenities provided. Perfectly nailing your design will make your ADU feel all the more at home, making your guest have a more pleasurable experience. We have several design tips you can follow to improve your interior decoration in your ADUs.

Give Importance to the ADU’s Purpose

One of the first things you want to do to improve the design of your ADU is to think of the ADU’s purpose. Knowing precisely what you will be doing with your ADU makes it easier to guide the flow of your design and creativity.

Additionally, knowing the purpose of your ADU makes it easier to come up with a theme that can aesthetically please the one using it. Making your ADU focused on productivity for work can signal you to focus on a design that’s more organized and less cluttered, for example.

Balance Form and Function

When it comes to picking out furniture for your ADU, it is essential to balance its form and its function of it. Finding a balance between these two allows you to maximize the small space you are given as well as save up on unnecessary costs.

Having a simple lamp with bright lighting is considerably better than a unique design lamp with mediocre or poor lighting as this will prove to be an impedance and clutter rather than being useful. Additionally, investing in energy-efficient appliances should also be considered as this helps ease your utility bills as well as improve safety.

Don’t Forget Modular Storage Options

The last thing you want to take into consideration when designing your ADU is to include different storage options that can be used. Similar to the previous entry, it is important to have storage options that work well with one another and has modularity in their design.

Having modular storage options allows you to keep more things inside your ADU as well as prevent any clutters and mix-ups. Additionally, modular storage allows you to open up more space within your ADU which can be used for better furniture placements or leg space for your guest to walk around in.

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